If your rehab facility offers in-home addiction treatment, many of your potential clients could be missing out simply because they can’t find information about in-home care through organic search results. This guide reviews why simply having quality content on your website isn’t enough to reach people who need your services and how our online advertising experts can convert your marketing budget into better leads.  

What In-Home Addiction Treatment Providers Have to Offer 

Many drug rehab centers offer inpatient rehab services or outpatient treatment options, but in-home treatment is a unique approach that’s gaining traction. The addiction treatment industry needs to help patients overcome the stigma associated with using rehabilitation services, but offering care in a patient’s home allows people to get the help they need with greater discretion and potentially more privacy. Patients who lead busy lives may also benefit from receiving substance abuse treatment in the comfort of their own homes.  

People opting for in-home care can receive the same physical and mental health care they’d benefit from when visiting rehab centers. It’s much more convenient for them to participate in therapy sessions and consider the root cause of their substance abuse problem when they’re not in an unfamiliar place that makes them feel defensive or stressed.  

Search engines may make it more difficult for you to let people know they can receive care outside of your treatment center when searches prioritize pages that offer services at a rehab center. It would help if you had an effective digital marketing strategy to ensure people are aware you offer in-home treatment and to emphasize how it provides the same benefits they’d receive at a drug treatment center.  

How to Succeed in Drug Rehab Marketing 

When you delegate rehab marketing services to a digital marketing services firm, you can dedicate more of your time to assisting the people who turn to your drug rehab center for help. We can evaluate your center’s current drug rehab marketing strategy to see how effective it is before implementing changes that drive more traffic to your website. Some important drug rehab marketing strategies include the following: 

Website Design 

One thing that can instantly separate you from other recovery centers is a website that’s engaging, easy to use and effective at leading potential clients to your contact page. Our online marketing experts can review your site and determine if it needs any changes. We can even redesign your website so it serves visitors’ needs and increases your conversion rates.  

Search Engine Optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of any successful addiction treatment center marketing strategy. Your in-home addiction treatment marketing strategy needs to incorporate search engine optimization so the right people find your web page. We can create content that places your center at the top of search results in the geographic areas most relevant to your location. We’re also able to target key demographics to ensure your visitors match the profiles of those most likely to use your services.  

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Investing in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing guarantees your advertisements show up in search engine results pages. Many drug rehabilitation centers underestimate the value of PPC marketing and how it can get you in touch with your target audience. Google Ads and Facebook PPC can be just as powerful as other content marketing efforts with effective ads, which we can help you create. 

Social Media Presence 

Drug treatment centers use social media marketing to achieve several important goals. Staying in touch with your patients on social media is a great way to make sure they’re receiving the aftercare and support services they need, and it also shows others who may benefit from your services they can succeed too. Keeping up with multiple social media platforms can be time-consuming, however, which is why many drug rehab facilities outsource their social media marketing to a content marketing team.  

Email Marketing 

Creating content for your website may generate leads through Google search results, but an effective email marketing campaign can increase your conversion rate. Some people may need a subtle reminder that you’re there to help before they decide to take action. If emails aren’t part of your addiction treatment marketing efforts, you may be neglecting people who are seeking treatment for drug abuse.  

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Let Us Lead You to Better Search Results 

Lead to Recovery understands effective marketing for rehab centers. To learn how we can use local SEO, email marketing, social media presence and more to generate effective leads for your in-home addiction treatment services, give us a call at (855) 876-7238, or fill out our contact form to get in touch with one of our digital marketing experts.


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