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Every inpatient, outpatient, and residential behavioral or mental health website can benefit from a strong mental health SEO strategy and expertise, especially smaller mental health practices and practitioners whose websites may be buried among those who’ve simply paid more for their marketing. Our staff specializes in search engine optimization and the mental health vertical for inpatient, residential, and outpatient treatment centers, so we understand the needs and trends affecting your audience, industry and competitors, along with what it takes to get your practice near the top of search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our behavioral health SEO agency services also include optimizing your Google Business Profile using local SEO so new patients in your area can easily find your website through Google local listings.

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Benefits of our Behavioral or Mental Health SEO Agency Services

We Make Your Time Worthwhile

SEO generates targeted, organic website traffic that leads to organic conversions, saving you money on mental health PPC.

Case Study

Lead to Recovery helped a mental health care facility grow through effective website redesign, traditional SEO and local SEO keyword research for mental health.

Our Challenge

While the client had experience with traditional marketing, they needed a revamp of their website with expertly done search engine optimization to create an online presence that could save them time and money through increasing organic traffic and conversions.

Our Solution

After researching the client’s online mental health practice and business profiles, website, and competitor search engine rankings, we decided on a comprehensive website redesign with a focus on improving local SEO through a reworking of their Google Business Profile (GBP). In addition, acquiring authoritative backlinks helps us to significantly improve the client’s standing with Google’s primary search engine.


Our Results

After just three months of work that included a prelaunch phase and site relaunch, Lead to Recovery improved the client’s organic SEO, including:

  • 953% increase in overall Google search rankings
  • 994% increase in mobile rankings 

Our Process

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We begin all mental health marketing campaigns with a free Discovery Call to learn about your website needs and how our services can help you meet your goals in a way that saves your practice time and money. We perform a free audit of your website and current SEO metrics to understand your ranking among your competitors.

After our initial research and auditing phase, we implement best practice search engine optimization to get your website to the highest possible rankings on any given search engine results page (SERP). Our strategies and tactics include targeted keyword implementation, custom content creation, backlink outreach, improving user experience (UX), mobile optimization, and more. Then, we continually optimize and improve results through data analytics and testing via conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Overall, Lead to Recovery’s comprehensive behavioral health SEO campaign is a six-step marketing process that includes discovery, strategy, implementation, optimization, analysis, and auditing.

Discovery & Onboarding

The discovery and onboarding process is where you get to know us and we get to know you and your practice, patients and competitors.


SEO strategy includes a comprehensive research phase, choosing the most effective keyword phrases and search engines to focus on for your mental health audience and setting clear timelines and goals.

Implement & Execute

SEO implementation and execution includes solid keyword and content strategies, content creation, coding and increasing backlinks to increase your brand’s authority throughout the web.


Search engine optimization in the mental health space is an ongoing process of optimization to improve SERPs and increase conversion rates. To consistently grow how many healthcare patients you see, you need to partner with an experienced mental health SEO company.


The mental health SEO analysis phase is ongoing and includes evaluating the performance of tested website page elements and calls to actions, keyword phrases and other quantitative and qualitative data.

Audit & Refine

Although the mental health SEO process is ongoing and not linear, the final phase involves additional auditing and refining as we make adjustments and scale based on continued measurements, reports and real-time feedback.

Generate Leads, Increase Patient Acquisition, and Convert Potential Clients with Effective Mental Health Marketing

If you prefer to speak with someone now please call 855-876-7238.

Whether you provide one-on-one counseling in a mental health private practice or group therapy in a residential facility, marketing is essential to your success. After all, you can’t attract new clients if people don’t know about everything you have to offer. If you’re struggling with few to no leads and don’t know how you’ll grow your business, it’s time to ramp up your marketing efforts with an SEO company that specializes in SEO services for the mental health industry.

About Lead to Recovery

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At Lead to Recovery, our sole purpose is to help businesses achieve the highest possible level of online success through SEO strategies, responsive web design, and effective online marketing for your mental health practice.

Our team delivers results-oriented services along with the industry’s latest best practices, producing tangible growth and ROI for your business — all at affordable prices. With Lead to Recovery, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve and in front of the pack.

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Content written by rehab marketing expert Matthew Travers


Matthew Travers is a seasoned Digital Marketing Professional with a distinguished career spanning 21 years, dedicating the last decade to the specialized fields of addiction treatment and mental health marketing. He brings a deep passion for creating powerful marketing strategies, with a distinctive proficiency in SEO and conversion rate optimization, aligning business objectives with innovative solutions to drive success.

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