Sobriety is one of the biggest challenges facing individuals who have successfully gone through detox and rehab.

There’s no question it’s not easy for someone who just went through treatment and goes home for the first time to where their addiction perhaps first started. There are always factors working overtime against them such as friends or acquaintances who they used to hang with and use drugs or alcohol, family members that embody the very demons they’re trying to avoid, etc. This is where sober living comes into play.

Sober living marketing successSober living facilities are here to help isolate and prevent individuals from falling back to their old ways by providing living accommodations with perhaps other recovering addicts who are all on the same collective page of the new chapter in their book of life called sobriety.

Sober living facilities, like detox centers and rehab centers, typically have an outreach arm (boots on the ground) of their organization to establish referral partnerships complementary to one another. But don’t be fooled in thinking that’s all your sober living community needs, because it’s not.

Rehab centers that don’t offer sober living options or are new to the scene are always looking for quality partners in the space and when they don’t have them, they search for them proactively via organic search engines, social media outlets, and beyond. So, if you’re not being found online, then your sober living facility isn’t being found by proactive partners and individuals alike seeking your facility as an option for ongoing recovery.

Get Started With Sober Living Marketing

Regardless of where your center falls in the continuum of care in addiction treatment, today is the day to get your rehab center into sober living marketing and just like the three pillars of addiction treatment, we, too, have three pillars of digital marketing treatment.