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Get Started With Google’s Required LegitScript Certification

LegitScript certifications for rehab centers

If you’re a treatment center that hasn’t yet run paid Google Ads, you’ll need to first become LegitScript certified, a process that can take anywhere from 30-60 days once your application is submitted. All addiction treatment centers must undergo this process to run paid Google Ads, so it’s a necessary bridge into the world of addiction treatment PPC marketing. In other words: It will put you on the same playing field as your competitors and expand your reach to the many potential clients who need your services.

No matter how big or small your inpatient, outpatient, residential, or detox center or budget, we believe any addiction treatment center can gain more admissions from our expertly designed Google Ads rehab PPC campaigns and services. Wherever you are in the PPC journey, we can help. If you’re underwhelmed or even hurting from your current strategy, we can stop the financial bleeding, and if you’re brand new to PPC advertising, we can get you started on the absolute best foot to create the most effective campaigns possible for the most minimal spend.

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Benefits of Drug Rehab PPC Campaigns

We Make Your Time Worthwhile

By delegating your paid search to an addiction treatment PPC company, you can expect an increase in leads and admissions while saving time and money.

Case Study

In just a few months, Lead to Recovery helped East Coast Addiction Treatment Center transform a budget-draining Google Ads campaign into a fresh, successful rehab PPC campaign that saved them money while producing impressive, consistently increasing results.

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Our Challenge

The client had already tried working with several other digital marketing agencies claiming to be experts in digital marketing for addiction treatment centers, to no avail. However, this client needed a true addiction treatment pay-per-click agency to transform their existing campaigns, landing pages and more from budget-drainers to census-fillers.

Our Solution

Through our Google Ads Management program, we performed a complete overhaul of the client’s existing ad campaign structure. This included testing different titles and descriptions in ads, keywords, geographic targeting and bids. We also created Facebook “boosted” posts, content and ads to increase the brand’s exposure to highly targeted audiences.


Our Results

Throughout this campaign, our goal was to maximize ad exposure while minimizing the cost-per-click fees. Within just a few months, the client benefited from the following results without an increase in monthly spend:

  • Monthly census increased from 40% to 95% 
  • Ad clicks increased by over 292%
  • Cost-per-click decreased from $27 per click to $8 per click (70%)
  • Inbound calls increased 505% — from 80 to 484 

Overall, the new PPC campaigns exceeded the client’s desired outcome (to receive more calls, form leads and insurance verification submissions), with a combined total increase of 131%.

Our Addiction Treatment PPC Process

Paid advertising strategy for rehab

Our drug rehab PPC process begins with a free Discovery Call to learn about your current marketing challenges and needs. We use our experience as an addiction treatment PPC agency to discuss various options for your budget, potential strategies and realistic timelines. If together we determine we’re a good fit, we begin laying the groundwork for your new paid search campaigns.

Once you sign on, we perform more research and auditing to identify the best approach for your ads. This includes thoroughly understanding your brand, your specific admissions or lead generating goals, your target audiences, competition and more.

We select the best paid search marketing channels for your business, create ads and content to launch and test to drive the optimal results to reach your goals. We do all of this, of course, with the aim of providing the maximum value to you at the most minimal cost.

Often, we can get started running Google, or Bing ads for a client within just a few weeks. However, our full drug rehab PPC advertising process is six-fold and includes discovery, strategy, implementation, optimization, analysis, and auditing.

Discovery & Onboarding

Lead to Recovery knows the addiction treatment industry, but that means nothing without also learning in depth about your brand, your clients and your specific competitors. Before handing over your drug rehab PPC campaigns and budget to us, we make sure the solutions to your goals and objectives are leading the way.


Before we begin your PPC campaigns, we lay the groundwork with a clear, solid foundation of a strategic plan. We discuss your priorities and put your desired outcomes first in creating a customized plan that fits your budget and goals.

Implement & Execute

Once the groundwork is laid, we move into the implementation and execution phase of your drug rehab PPC campaign.


We use incoming Google Analytics and other forms and sources of data to continually optimize your campaign. Additionally, we want your content to instill confidence and trust in your center and make it easy for anyone who sees your ads to contact you right away.


What are the real results you’re seeing? The analysis phase lets us know how the ads are paying off for your clients, your profits and the number of calls and converting leads coming through.

Audit & Refine

PPC advertising is a continually cycling process of measuring, auditing and refining to evolve as your business changes and grows. In the PPC world, there’s perpetual room for increased success, whatever that means for your center.

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Whether you provide one-on-one counseling in a private practice or group therapy in a residential facility, marketing is essential to your success. After all, you can’t attract new clients if people don’t know about everything you have to offer. If you’re struggling with few to no leads and don’t know how you’ll grow your business, it’s time to ramp up your marketing efforts.

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Matthew Travers is a seasoned Digital Marketing Professional with a distinguished career spanning 21 years, dedicating the last decade to the specialized fields of addiction treatment and mental health marketing. He brings a deep passion for creating powerful marketing strategies, with a distinctive proficiency in SEO and conversion rate optimization, aligning business objectives with innovative solutions to drive success.

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