Sean Bolton
CEO & Co-Founder

Sean Bolton is a dynamic entrepreneur and co-founder of Lead to Recovery, a digital marketing agency focused on website design and digital marketing for mental health and addiction treatment providers. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, with an extensive background in business development and executive level management.

Sean is a visionary leader who is passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive in the digital landscape. He is known for his attention to detail, strategic thinking, and creative problem-solving skills. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Sean is a devoted husband and father of three who values family above all else.

Matthew Travers
President & Co-Founder

Matthew Travers is an addiction treatment and mental health marketing expert with 20 years of digital marketing experience. His extensive experience in this space has been instrumental in helping therapy centers around the world effectively utilize holistic digital marketing campaigns to generate leads.

He uses a data-driven approach to optimize campaign performance and understands how important the user experience is to generating a steady stream of high-quality leads. His mission is to help reputable therapy centers grow their brand by utilizing the most effective digital marketing strategies that drive admissions. Learn more About Matt!

Kevin Dockman
Vice President

Kevin Dockman leverages his 12+ years of experience pushing the boundaries of digital design and storytelling to guide addiction treatment providers to captivate and convert their target audiences. Beginning his career as a graphic designer and quickly shifting into sales and strategy roles, his understanding of online consumer behavior and the fundamentals of what makes a successful customer journey are a noteworthy combination.

At Lead to Recovery, Kevin not only oversees business development strategy for the agency, he also manages all things creative, including website design, landing page development, email marketing, graphic design, video production, and website care & support.

Angie Buckley
Director of Paid Social

Angie Buckley, an inventive Paid Social Director, boasts a 9-year track record of success across both B2C and B2B channels. Passionate about transforming campaigns and driving outstanding results, she expertly caters to clients in a diverse range of verticals.

As the team’s resident Meta and certified LinkedIn marketing specialist, Angie not only provides exceptional care and customer service but also extends her expertise to platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

With a sharp focus on data-driven strategies, Angie excels in A/B testing and performance optimization, ensuring maximum campaign impact. She is dedicated to staying current with the latest platform integrations and strategies, enabling her to captivate target audiences, elevate brand presence, and consistently deliver tangible results.

Laura Yelnicker
Laura Yelnicker
Digital Advertising Manager

Laura Yelnicker is a highly experienced digital marketer with 18 years of experience in the industry. She is a specialist in Google Ads and has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their marketing objectives through effective and efficient digital marketing strategies.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she aims to help the mental health and addiction service industries reach more people who need their services.

Her certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, and Customer Experience Management are testaments to her technical skills and her commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Seth Skversky
Digital Marketing Account Manager

Seth is a Digital Marketing Account Manager at Lead to Recovery, specializing in addiction treatment, mental and behavioral health SEO. As an analytics-focused, keyword-driven, content-minded, and future-forward thinker, Seth brings a unique SEO approach that ensures the highest level of visibility and success for his clients.

His background as a political campaign manager has honed his ability to strategize and achieve ambitious goals, and his numerous SEO-related certifications demonstrate his expertise in the field.

Seth’s cornerstone is cultivating strong client relationships, and he prides himself on his teamwork and long-term strategy skills. As an avid soccer fan, Seth understands the importance of effective collaboration and the power of a well-executed plan to secure victory. This passion for teamwork and strategy is evident in his approach to SEO, where he consistently helps his clients navigate the complex world of digital marketing with the support of a dedicated team. Seth’s experience, skills, and commitment to client success make him an asset to Lead to Recovery and its clients in addiction, mental and behavioral health treatment.

Nick Laudato
Digital Marketing Account Manager

Nick is a dedicated Digital Account Manager at Lead to Recovery, where he passionately leads SEO efforts for digital projects. Drawing on his extensive background in SEO, he excels in keyword strategy and competitor research, using these skills to drive qualified traffic to clients’ websites and strengthen their online presence.

Nick embraces a holistic approach to search engine optimization, diving deep into competitor strategies and backlinks, performing thorough content research, and fine-tuning conversion rate optimization (CRO) for clients in the mental health and addiction treatment industry. Working hand-in-hand with the development, creative, and content teams, he plays a pivotal role in crafting comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that drive leads and admits for therapy centers. As an Account Manager, Nick builds lasting relationships with clients, expertly guiding performance calls, and offering valuable reporting to keep clients up-to-date on their campaign progress.
Cody Vance
Lead Developer

Cody Vance is the lead developer at Lead to Recovery. He is a detail-oriented Web Developer with professional web development and technical experience for internal and external clients ranging from executives to end-users.

Exceptional web development and web maintenance with knowledge in a full range of front-end languages including HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. Also provides a great deal of knowledge with modern Content Management Systems and E-commerce platforms.

Katherine Gonzalez
Creative Project Manager

Katherine coordinates and manages the execution of a variety of creative projects from discovery to launch. She guides our clients through their design projects with a strategic approach that blends deadline driven performance and creativity.

Throughout her professional career she has worn many hats and considers herself a multimedia designer, developer, and project manager. She has extensive background in web, mobile applications, animation, and VR/AR.