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Matthew Travers


Matthew Travers is a seasoned Digital Marketing Professional with a distinguished career spanning 21 years, dedicating the last decade to the specialized fields of addiction treatment and mental health marketing. He brings a deep passion for creating powerful marketing strategies, with a distinctive proficiency in SEO and conversion rate optimization, aligning business objectives with innovative solutions to drive success.

Matthew’s comprehensive skillset encompasses designing and implementing robust omnichannel digital marketing campaigns. He expertly leverages web design, user experience, SEO, PPC, paid social media, email marketing, link building, and content marketing to optimize brand presence and conversion rates. His extensive experience empowers organizations to elevate their outreach and engagement, fostering connections, and facilitating access to essential mental health and addiction resources.

Matthew adopts a meticulous, data-driven approach, continuously refining strategies to enhance key performance indicators and ensure marketing initiatives are optimized for impact and ROI. His dedication to excellence and commitment to industry advancement are evident in every project, confirming his reputation as a leading figure in digital marketing for mental health and addiction treatment sectors.

With a wealth of knowledge and a progressive mindset, Matthew Travers is not only a strategist but also an innovator, constantly exploring new frontiers in digital marketing to deliver transformative results. Whether it’s elevating brand visibility or driving engagement, Matthew’s holistic approach is tailored to meet diverse organizational needs, making him a sought-after expert in the evolving landscape of digital marketing.