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Only hire third-degree black belts in the art of substance abuse marketing (that’s us)

Welcome to what will be the only place you need to be to address that nagging question in your mind that’s been keeping you up at night or perhaps has been a point of contention in your weekly meetings with key decision makers at your facility: “How do I get more heads in beds for our recovery center?”

The answer to that question may not be an easy one to answer from a traditional marketing standpoint, but here at Lead to Recovery, we take the guesswork out of addiction treatment digital marketing. How you ask? It’s simple. We are third-degree black belts in the art of substance abuse marketing and have already made third degree black belts out of over a dozen treatment facilities ranging from small outpatient addiction treatment centers in Florida to large luxury rehab centers in California and across the country. Just like Daniel-son in the Karate Kid, we help our clients swan kick the competition into submission. Regardless of your take on the dated metaphor as to whether Johnny actually won the match due to what some people believe was an illegal kick in the match, Daniel won fair and square and took home the beloved trophy gleaming with pride. We look at internet marketing for rehab centers in a similar vein to that of the Karate Kid.

In our case, Daniel’s teacher, Mr. Miyagi (Lead to Recovery), is the sensei and Daniel is your center. And just like Daniel constantly getting bullied, beat up and fed up with it, he sought the help of a master in martial arts to stop the abuse and to rise to the level of a champion. If you’re still reading this page, chances are your center may be getting bullied or beat up in online marketing and you’re fed up with false promises, failed goals, and are looking for a digital marketing partner to help you master the arts so your center can hold the trophy you so patiently seek.

Our marketing philosophy is driven first by understanding your treatment centers goals and is always led by questions such as: “how many heads in beds to you need to meet capacity?”, “what is your current website conversion percentages?”, “what online referral sources are driving conversions for your site?”, “how is your reputation in the industry?”, “what are you doing offline that we can perhaps tie into an online capacity to amplify patient acquisition for both?”, “do you have a drug rehab marketing plan in place and if so, how is that benefiting your audience and helping to drive admits to your facility?”, etc.

The common thread here is you’ll see we’re not really speaking to rankings at all. Just like a hospital triage, we need to first understand where your treatment center is feeling aches and pains in its current marketing strategy and from there, we can formulate a plan to mitigate the pain points while also identifying ways to enhance the power of your once-frailed marketing strategy to make your center stronger, faster, and unstoppable in digital marketing.

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“We started working with Lead to Recovery in early 2019 to help our addiction treatment center with our SEO and PPC programs. After having used several other addiction treatment marketing firms in the past with no results, we were a little nervous about working with yet another digital marketing firm. Our experience was great from the start. They clearly defined goals for the campaign and so far, their efforts have produced new admits to our facility on a regular basis and the results continue to grow. Thank you, LTR, for renewing our faith in online marketing!”

Aubrey D., Changing Tides

“I would recommend Lead to Conversion to anyone…my experience has been that they truly care about our business, and they want to see it succeed, and they’ll do everything they can to make sure that happens.”

Rogan H., Executive Director, Beachway Therapy Center


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