Clinic A, a provider of mental health and addiction services in AZ, aspired to broaden its outreach and establish a robust referral network among healthcare providers. To accomplish this, Clinic A embarked on a dual strategy that involved advertising on Meta, with a focus on both potential clients and healthcare providers.



The primary objectives of the campaign were to heighten awareness of Clinic A’s services among prospective clients and to establish a sustainable referral network among healthcare providers, leveraging the effectiveness of Meta’s advertising platform.



To meet the unique needs of prospective clients, we adopted a personalized approach on Meta. We crafted messages that directly addressed individuals struggling with mental health or addiction issues. Simultaneously, we strived to build a rapport with healthcare providers by positioning Clinic A as a reliable resource for patient referrals and support.



The success of our Meta advertising strategy is reflected in the key performance metrics, CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).


Our campaign achieved an impressively low CPL of $25.05. This value denotes the average expenditure on Meta ads to generate each potential lead. The low CPL showcases our cost-efficient approach, which connected us with a substantial number of individuals potentially requiring mental health and addiction services.


In addition, the campaign resulted in an impressively low CPA of $5982. This figure represents the average expense on Meta ads necessary to acquire a new customer who actively engages with Clinic A’s services. This low CPA, when compared to the typically higher costs associated with PPC ads, underscores the cost-effectiveness and higher value derived from our targeted Meta advertising.



The strategic use of tailored Meta advertising has successfully boosted Clinic A’s visibility among prospective clients and healthcare providers in Phoenix and beyond. The impressively low CPL and CPA, compared to more traditional PPC advertising, are testaments to the value and effectiveness of our targeted digital advertising strategy. This further solidifies Clinic A’s standing as a trusted provider in the mental health and addiction services field.