CLIENT:  East Coast Addiction Treatment Center
INDUSTRY:  Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment
CAMPAIGN: Google Ads
STRATEGY: Comprehensive Google Ads Audit, Google Ads Setup & Restructure, Ongoing Google Ads Management, Optimization & Reporting


The client came to us after several disappointing engagements with other digital marketing firms claiming expertise in digital marketing for addiction treatment centers. 

During the early stages of pre-engagement, our team conducted a comprehensive audit of their existing Google Ads setup and structure to determine the client’s overall health of their Google Ads program. It was quickly discovered the client’s campaigns, landing pages, matching options, and negative keywords were all in disarray and were not advantageous to producing quality outcomes in terms of lead acquisition. 

Our audit findings were presented to the client along with our recommended changes and ongoing strategy. Based on our findings and strategy, the client decided on an  active engagement with Lead To Recovery to address their needs in a Google Ads Management program.

Strategy & Execution

During the initial stages of the engagement, we went through the process of cleaning up Google Ads campaigns, landing pages, negatives, and matching options to create a much healthier campaign structure prior to relaunch. This portion of our campaign took up the first three weeks of the engagement and laid the groundwork for what was to follow in the coming months.

On the Social Media Marketing side of things, we consistently created and disseminated unique content updates in the form of text, images, and video coupled with Facebook “boosted” posts and Facebook advertising to ensure their content was readily seen by a highly relevant and targeted audience for conversions.

In the months following the official relaunch of the Google Ads program, we made many adjustments to Google Ads campaigns by testing different titles and descriptions in ads, matching options, geographic targeting, and bids, with the goal of maximizing exposure while minimizing the cost-per-click fees paid to Google.



  • The Lead To Recovery team  grew monthly census from 40% (pre-engagement) to consistently achieving 95%
  • Increased Ad clicks by over 292% while maintaining monthly spend level
  • Decreased CPCs (cost-per-click) by 70% from $27 to $8 per click
  • Increased inbound call volume 505% (80 to 484) while maintaining ad spend

Overall goals (calls, form leads, insurance verification submissions) increased 231%


If you’re operating an addiction treatment center and not convinced your valuable marketing dollars are being spent correctly on Google Ads, there’s no better time than the present to contact Lead to Recovery to provide a free, no-obligation audit to see if there’s room for improving its performance. We’re ready to help you succeed online.

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