Clinic B, a prominent multi-location provider of mental health and substance abuse services based in Florida, strived to expand its influence and establish a powerful referral network among healthcare professionals. Despite a relatively low ad spend and fierce competition in the region, Clinic B implemented a multi-faceted strategy involving Meta advertisements, focusing on both potential clients and healthcare providers across their multiple locations.



The primary goals of the campaign were to amplify awareness of Clinic B’s services among prospective clients and to cultivate a comprehensive referral network among healthcare providers, taking advantage of the effectiveness of Meta’s advertising platform. This needed to be achieved within the constraints of a limited ad budget and in a highly competitive market.



To address the specific needs of potential clients, we tailored our approach on Meta. We developed messages that directly communicated with individuals wrestling with mental health or substance abuse issues. Concurrently, we aimed to foster relationships with healthcare providers, positioning Clinic B as a reliable source for patient referrals and support across its multiple locations.



The efficacy of our Meta advertising strategy is depicted in the key performance metrics, CPL (Cost Per Lead) and average cost for landing page traffic.


Despite the challenges, our campaign achieved an exceptionally low CPL of $29.74 on average across multiple campaigns and two properties. This figure, which represents the average expenditure on Meta ads to generate each potential lead, is notably low for this sector. The low CPL demonstrates our cost-effective strategy, engaging with a significant number of individuals potentially requiring mental health and substance abuse services across various locations.


In addition, we maintained an average cost for landing page traffic of just $6.59 over one quarter. This represents a considerable reduction in cost compared to typical PPC ads, highlighting the efficiency of our targeted Meta advertising.


Over the span of one year, our campaign reached an impressive audience of 1.10 million people, with a relatively minimal ad spend of only $6,878. This underlines the broad reach and cost-effectiveness of our advertising strategy, despite the budgetary constraints and competitive landscape.



The strategic use of personalized Meta advertising has successfully increased Clinic B’s visibility among potential clients and healthcare providers in Florida and beyond. The remarkably low CPL for this sector, the cost-effective landing page traffic, and the substantial audience reach relative to the ad spend, all testify to the value and effectiveness of our targeted digital advertising strategy. This campaign further cements Clinic B’s reputation as a trusted provider in the mental health and substance abuse services field across multiple locations, even amidst tough competition.