Clinic A, a respected provider of rehabilitation services in Phoenix, AZ, faced significant competition in a densely populated healthcare market. Despite these challenges, Clinic A embarked on a strategic campaign to expand its reach among healthcare providers and establish a robust referral network. To achieve this, Clinic A utilized the power of LinkedIn advertising, a platform renowned for its professional audience and networking capabilities.



The primary objective of the campaign was to increase awareness of Clinic A’s rehabilitation services among healthcare providers and to build a valuable referral network. This goal needed to be accomplished in the competitive Phoenix healthcare market, using LinkedIn as the primary advertising channel.



Understanding the unique professional environment of LinkedIn, we developed a targeted approach. We crafted messages that underscored Clinic A’s dedication to patient care and their successful track record in providing quality rehabilitation services. Simultaneously, we emphasized the value of building a referral network with Clinic A, positioning it as a reliable partner for patient referrals and support.



The effectiveness of our LinkedIn advertising strategy is evidenced by the key performance metrics and the growth of Clinic A’s referral network.


Despite the competitive landscape, our campaign successfully attracted 998 page views at a cost of only $1.79 per view and achieved an average click-through rate (CTR) of 3.07% which is substantially higher than the industry average of 0.58%. In addition, we garnered 69 downloads of Clinic A’s PDF for healthcare providers, further demonstrating the interest of our target audience in the services offered by Clinic A. These results highlight the effectiveness of our targeted LinkedIn strategy, which managed to cut through the competition and resonate with healthcare providers.



The strategic use of LinkedIn advertising has effectively enhanced Clinic A’s visibility among healthcare providers in Phoenix and beyond. The significant page views, the strong CTR, and the notable number of PDF downloads, all amidst intense competition, attests to the value and effectiveness of our targeted digital advertising strategy. This campaign further solidifies Clinic A’s reputation as a trusted provider in the rehabilitation services field and a valued partner for healthcare providers seeking reliable referral options.