Wintertime Record-Breaking Addiction Treatment Center Digital Marketing Case Study

CLIENT:  East Coast Addiction Treatment Center
INDUSTRY:  Addiction Treatment
CAMPAIGN:  SEO, Local SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads
STRATEGY: Deploy best practices digital marketing incorporating Organic SEO, Google Business Profile Optimization, and PPC Advertising via Google Ads and Facebook.

Background, Goals & Execution

The client in this case study came to us with two main goals:

  • To break all-time traffic and admissions volume during the winter months

  • To double admission inquiries and admits to their East Coast facility

The client had historically recorded an average admissions count of 2-4 admits per month during what they termed their “low season” which ranged from the beginning of November through the end of January with January being their most difficult month.

A serious challenge Lead to Recovery faced was the lack of historical Google Analytics data and digital conversion statistics. The only analytics data provided by the client were cursory reports from their prior agency that showed 2-8 visitors per day from Google organic alone. It was quickly determined the client’s lack of conversion statistics were due to their prior agency not installing proper channel attribution tracking.

Challenge accepted! We customized and deployed a strategy for the client well in advance of the winter months to ensure the organic and local SEO would have enough time to take hold in terms of capturing top tier search results for the client’s main keyword phrases.

Overall Results

Overall statistics for the campaign showed the following:

Google organic search traffic
Organic conversions inquiries
Google Business Profile inquiries
Google Ads inquiries
Facebook Ads inquiries
Total digital marketing admissions inquiries

The client couldn’t have been happier. Not only did Lead to Recovery surpass all previous organic traffic levels for the site, we also increased monthly admission levels from 2-4 patients per month to 8-10 which more than doubled admissions levels during the winter months.

Individual Results: Google Organic Traffic

Throughout their winter period of November 2019 through January 2020, Lead To Recovery was able to accomplish the following through Google organic traffic:

increase in traffic
at its peak
admission inquiries (conversions) were achieved from phone calls, insurance form submissions, admissions form leads and contact us inquiries

Individual Goals

For this client, their three top converting goals consisted of A) short form/contact us form submissions, B) insurance form submissions and C) inbound phone calls followed by live chat engagements which typically impacted all three of these goals.

Let’s look at the top three conversion points individually.

Goal A. Short Form & Contact Us Form Submissions

Since the client has several goals for tracking and quantifying ROI, here’s how things look at a more granular level starting with short form submissions for the same time period (2017 vs. 2016):

goal a

Short Form & Contact Us Form Statistics Showed:

increase in Conversion Rates
increase in Form Completions/Submissions
increase in Goal Value

Google Organic Traffic & Admissions Inquiries – November


Google Organic Traffic & Admissions Inquiries – December


Google Organic Traffic & Admissions Inquiries – January


Individual Results: Google Business Profile

Throughout their winter period of November 2019 through January 2019, Lead To Recovery was able to accomplish the following from Google Business Profile Optimization:

new admission inquiries directly from Google Business Profile traffic to the website
inbound phone calls from their Google Business Profile listing
admissions inquiries

Google Business Profile Goal Completions (November 2019 – January 2020)

nov 2019

Google Business Profile Inbound Phone Calls (November 2019 – January 2020)


Individual Results: Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Throughout their winter period of November 2019 through January 2019, Lead To Recovery was able to accomplish the following from PPC Marketing:

to the client’s site
admissions inquiries (with a relatively low monthly PPC budget of $2,250/month)

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (November 2019 – January 2020)

ppc 2

Individual Results: Facebook Paid Ads

Throughout their winter period of November 2019 through January 2019, Lead To Recovery was able to accomplish the following from Facebook Paid Ads:

admissions inquiries (with a relatively low monthly ad budget of $500/month)

Facebook Paid Ads (November 2019 – January 2020)


About Lead To Recovery

At Lead to Recovery, we understand there are a lot of treatment centers that have been burned time after time by agencies that promise the stars, but seldom get off the launchpad. Our clients want tangible results. This is why we are constantly tracking the results of any marketing plan we recommend and put into action for our treatment center customers.

Lead to Recovery has over 90 years of collective digital marketing experience in the healthcare and addiction treatment markets. Whether the goal is to increase inbound calls or form submissions through applicable traffic, a stronger social presence, or a cutting-edge approach to Digital Marketing in general, Lead to Recovery has the experience and knowledge to execute the right campaign for your business.

For more information on how to see similar results for your treatment center, call us to get the conversation started about how we can drive traffic and admits to your website while improving your bottom line.

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