Once a patient has gone through detox, whether at a partner location or your own campus, rehabilitation can begin.

Rehab centers provide the necessary guidance and mental healthcare to individuals seeking help to get over their addictions. There are quite a few rehab centers out there and it seems like every day a new one is popping up on the radar.

effective services at our luxury residential addiction treatment marketing companyWe’ve seen them all and we’ve optimized for them all. Our experience runs the gambit from Non-profit rehabs (we’re big fans of non-profits, btw, and do, on occasion, provide gratis digital marketing assistance to them), to luxury rehab centers focused on discreet addiction treatment for those who are well off or have phenomenal insurance benefits and require accustomed creature comforts of home, to blended, multi-location rehab centers that can accommodate both standard care options and luxury options and run the full spectrum of detox, outpatient rehab, and sober living.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my site display beautiful imagery and establish trust in the eyes of its visitors?

  • Are conversations taking place about my center, whether positive, negative, or neutral, via social media? And if so, am I listening?

  • Is my center doing everything it can to maximize our presence online to put heads in beds?

  • What makes my rehab center better than the rest?

  • How does my center’s addiction treatment programs stand out in a crowd of an ever-increasing competitive landscape?

  • If someone comes to my center’s website seeking alcohol treatment for themselves or perhaps drug addiction treatment for a loved one, does my site make it easy for them to convert?

hour glass at the top residential addiction treatment marketing agencyThere are a ton more questions you should be asking yourself about your residential rehab center digital marketing strategy or the lack thereof. If you don’t have all the answers or don’t like your own reply to the above questions, that’s okay. You’re not alone.

Lead to Recovery is here to help your center achieve maximum exposure online while sourcing proven, ongoing processes to increase conversion rates of visitors coming to your website. We effectively leverage responsive website design, search engine optimization, paid search advertising and social media marketing to drive a full census year round.


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