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Without a doubt, every addiction treatment center can and should benefit from social media marketing. Social media is where your audience spends their time, and they expect to see you there. With a professional social media marketing agency on your side, you can focus on serving your clients as we take charge of the conversation that’s already happening about your brand online.

Not only can we manage any potential negative feedback that may arise from the personal, uncontrollable nature of the addiction treatment industry, but we can build trust among all your relevant audience demographics and create a meaningful, value-rich conversation that generates new leads and conversions while minimizing your overall marketing costs.

Get Started With Google’s Required LegitScript Certification

LegitScript Logo 1 1Addiction treatment centers interested in ever running paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites must become LegitScript certified. This is a required verification process to protect the general public and ensure treatment centers have the professionals and credentials to back up their advertising claims.

While the process can be complex and typically takes 30-60 days from the date of application submission to become approved, Lead to Recovery can walk you through the process to make it as easy and pain-free as possible. And booking a free Discovery Call with us lets us help you get ahead of your competitors by starting the process right away.

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Benefits of Rehab Social Media Marketing

We Make Your Time Worthwhile

By delegating your social media marketing to a rehab social media marketing company, you can expect an increase in leads and admissions while saving time and money.

Our Process

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Lead to Recovery’s rehab social media marketing process begins with a free Discovery Call, during which we get to know you and the specific audiences your services are most likely to help. We perform a free audit of your treatment center’s current social media profiles and overall digital marketing presence. Additionally, we get to know what you’d like to see change, how you’d like to grow and how we can best achieve your goals.

Our social media marketing strategies combine genuine, valuable content for your audiences with the intentionality that drives your audiences to take action. Not only can social media marketing educate potential clients and people in your community about your services, but it can enrich lives through recovery tips, client testimonials and resources that inspire anyone struggling with addiction to make positive changes in their life.

Additionally, our social media marketing strategies include posting questions and other types of content that encourage your users to engage with one another. This way, they add value to each other and form a real community online that’s more likely to translate to more referrals, phone calls and admissions.

When Lead to Recovery’s team manages your addiction treatment center’s social media, the goal is for social media to work for you rather than you for it. Overall, our comprehensive social media marketing process includes six primary phases: discovery, strategy, implementation, optimization, analysis and auditing.

Discovery & Onboarding

The discovery and onboarding phase of our social media marketing services is where new clients get to know our team and how we work, and we get to know them.


The strategy phase of our social media marketing services is one of the most important, as it lays the groundwork for everything to come.

Implement & Execute

During the implementation and execution phase, we create, curate and publish conversion-focused content.


Social media analytics and incoming results help us continually optimize our content and strategy to reach more targeted audiences and produce more valuable, conversion-oriented results.


Analysis is a key component of every aspect of our social media marketing services. We combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to grow your social media accounts in ways that bring you actual, money-saving value.

Audit & Refine

Social media marketing is an ongoing and evolving process that requires thorough audits at key intervals to evaluate how your social media marketing is fitting into the bigger picture of your overall online and digital marketing presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our clients’ most frequently asked questions from a rehab Social Media Marketing perspective.

Digital marketing services are internet marketing services that help you market your business online. Where traditional marketing focuses on TV and print, digital is solely for expanding your digital presence. Marketers can accomplish this using various channels, such as social media, paid ads, email, search and so much more.

Typically, digital marketing agencies provide a range of online marketing services and creation across social media platforms, search engines, email campaigns, websites and more. Content creation can include written content such as ads, articles, emails, and blog posts, social media posts, videos and more.

The best digital marketing services for your business depend on your current marketing, goals, timeline and budget. For instance, our clients’ budgets typically run anywhere from $3,000 per month for a small, local treatment facility or individual therapist to $250,000 per month spent by larger, multi-location centers. PPC marketing can help you fill your census as soon as possible, while SEO marketing is typically a longer-term game.

Proven results, experience and expertise in digital marketing and in your niche. When you hire PPC experts such as Lead to Recovery, you can rest assured your dollars are being spent wisely. 

With Lead to Recovery, you can trust that your PPC campaigns and budget are in good hands, with the entire process being managed from start to finish. That way, you can focus on what matters most: your center serving as many clients as your space and capacity allow.

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Whether you provide one-on-one counseling in a private practice or group therapy in a residential facility, marketing is essential to your success. After all, you can’t attract new clients if people don’t know about everything you have to offer. If you’re struggling with few to no leads and don’t know how you’ll grow your business, it’s time to ramp up your marketing efforts.

About Lead to Recovery

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At Lead to Recovery, our sole purpose is to help businesses achieve the highest possible level of online success through responsive web design and effective online marketing.

Our team delivers results-oriented services along with the industry’s latest best practices, producing tangible growth and ROI for your business — all at affordable prices. With Lead to Recovery, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve and in front of the pack.

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