Lead to Recovery (LTR) has spent countless hours designing and optimizing rehab center sites for audience attraction, search engine presence, and conversion rates.

When we say countless hours, we mean countless hours.

responsive website design for addiction treatment centers

Over the years, LTR has designed, developed and deployed rehab center sites that not only resonates with their target audience based on conversion-focused language and clearly defined goals as they peruse the sites, but we also bake in SEO during the site design to ensure our client’s sites can hit the ground running from an SEO perspective upon launch (or relaunch) of their new site to maximize exposure in search.

Our philosophy is quite simple. We know what works and what doesn’t work from a website design standpoint. Over the years of designing and marketing addiction treatment sites, we have developed and deployed search engine friendly, conversion-focused websites that have proven themselves effective month after month and year after year. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Let’s pursue site architecture that’s already proven itself in the wild to be effective and build a site for your center that can come out of the gate running.

LTR’s most successful clients are the ones that have us do both website design and SEO concurrently. By building a proven conversion focused site with SEO built into it during its development, you can rest assured that once we launch the site for your center, it will see marked improvements in terms of increased targeted traffic and conversion rates in the short-term that will continue to build upon itself over time as we continue to conduct SEO over the long-term.