Over the years, Lead to Recovery’s addiction treatment website design services has led to the design and launch of over 50 rehab center sites. These results-oriented websites resonate with their target audience because of conversion-focused copy, great user experience, and clearly defined calls to action. As part of an ongoing digital marketing campaign, we also bake in SEO during the site design process to ensure the website can hit the ground running upon launch (or relaunch).

Lead to Recovery (LTR) has spent countless hours designing and optimizing rehab center sites for audience attraction, search engine presence, and conversion optimization.

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Our philosophy is quite simple. We know what works and what doesn’t work from an addiction treatment website design standpoint. Over the years of designing and marketing addiction treatment sites, we have developed and deployed search engine-friendly, conversion-focused websites that have proven themselves effective month after month and year after year. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Let’s pursue site architecture that’s already proven itself in the wild to be effective and build a site for your center that can come out of the gate running.

LTR’s most successful clients are the ones that have us do both website design and SEO concurrently. By building a proven conversion-focused site with SEO built into it during its development, you can rest assured that once we launch the site for your center, it will see marked improvements in terms of increased targeted traffic and conversion rates in the short term that will continue to build upon itself over time as we continue to conduct SEO over the long-term.

If you have an established rehab center and a website, we seriously hope the website is on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). If you’re opening up a brand new center and are looking into addiction treatment website design, do yourself a favor and look no further than WordPress as your CMS.

Out of all the website design CMS’ out there, the platform most designers prefer is WordPress and they choose it for so many reasons.

Here are just a few of the items we’ll cover in this post:

  • Fixed cost for Theme/Template licensing

  • Fixed cost for website design if you outsource design work to a contractor or an agency

  • 100% search engine friendly (sorry WIX & Squarespace, but you aren’t there yet)

  • Mobile-friendly (responsive) out of the gate depending on the WordPress theme or template you select

  • TONS of SEO plugins that make implementing SEO coding an absolute breeze 

  • Seamless blog integration for content marketing initiatives 

Fixed Cost for Theme/Template Licensing

There are literally thousands of WordPress themes and templates available (we’re partial to Avada), including templates developed specifically for addiction treatment sites. The great thing about WordPress themes and templates is they’re usually offered for a one-time fee ranging anywhere from just under $100 to a few hundred dollars depending on what’s all included. What’s fantastic is most licenses are a one-time fee which means there’s no ongoing expense for continuing to use the theme/template. You can’t say the same thing about CMS providers like Squarespace, as an example, that demand a monthly fee indefinitely. Fixed Cost for Addiction Treatment Website Design

Not everyone has the technical and graphic design savvy to build a site for their center on their own, so it’s not uncommon for organizations to reach out to addiction treatment website design firms to build the site for them. Nearly all rehab website design companies have a fixed cost for building a site for centers. No hidden fees!

The crazy thing about “fixed cost” with rehab design companies is how wildly different their pricing can range. 

When Lead to Recovery quotes WordPress website design for treatment centers, our programs usually run from $6k-$9k on average, but depends on the scope of work and any advanced programming requirements requested. However, we’re not the norm. Many drug and alcohol rehab design agencies charge $15k-50k+ per website, which frankly, we find insulting since building a search engine friendly WordPress website for a treatment center shouldn’t require much-advanced programming, nor does it take endless hours to complete.

If your treatment center plans on doing a custom website design,  regardless of the selected CMS platform, prepare to continue to spend money after the site launches for requested changes. Most custom design houses create unique back-end coding and this coding tends to create mayhem when the website needs basic site changes after launch. In other words, custom designs can often be damn near impossible for you to edit on your own which can force your company to continue paying the designer for updates. We say “no thanks” and highly recommend you do the same! 

beachside rehab's new website design

100% Search Engine Friendly

When we say WordPress CMS is 100% search engine friendly, we mean it. Unlike other platforms such as WIX, Squarespace, Drupal, Magento, etc., that offer some search friendliness, they pale compared to the SEO awesomeness that is WordPress. We challenge anyone to prove us wrong… 

Mobile-Friendly Out of The Gate 

In today’s world of mobile, if you don’t have at least a mobile version of your website or develop a website that is mobile responsive, you’re making a grave mistake in accommodating most of your site’s users. Statistics show mobile has exceeded traditional desktop in terms of website usage and will continue to grow exponentially into the foreseeable future. 

With WordPress, nearly all templates and themes available are mobile responsive out of the gate which means you can confidently redesign or create a new site via WordPress knowing the user experience will be a good one regardless of whatever device people are using to view your content. This is something we can all appreciate!

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SEO Plugins

Unlike CMS’ the likes of Wix and Squarespace that have severe limitations in terms of ability to alter coding and content variables for SEO initiatives, WordPress has a plethora of plugins available in the market. Talented developers and SEO practitioners develop these plugins specifically for helping you take your SEO game to its peak potential.

Here at Lead to Recovery, we’ve tested over a dozen SEO plugins over the years and have narrowed down our list of the best WordPress SEO plugins to just two, with one of them coming out on top. 

The top SEO plugin we use for our client’s sites is RankMath. RankMath is an amazing plugin and covers everything from titles… to metas… to redirect mapping… to Google Search Console integration… and so much more. Based on its abilities and bottom-line value for customers, we officially switched to RankMath in 2019 for all of our SEO campaigns.

The second best SEO plugin, which has been around for many years and fully endorsed and loved by many in the SEO community, is Yoast SEO. With over 5 million installations worldwide, Yoast offers SEO practitioners just about everything they need to conduct SEO for their sites. We used to use Yoast SEO solely, but after discovering, testing, and falling in love with RankMath, Yoast SEO paled in comparison.  

Our advice would be to test both plugins, and perhaps others, to see which one works best for your treatment center’s needs, but for now, we strongly suggest RankMath first and Yoast SEO second. 

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Seamless Blog Integration

For those of you who may remember, WordPress first hit the scene many years ago and was originally a blogging platform and nothing more. Only in recent years have developers broken through this artificial barrier and embraced WordPress for lead generation and e-commerce site design. Fast forward to today, WordPress is the #1 CMS for website development worldwide, representing over 50% of sites. 

So, when it comes to installing a search engine friendly blog on your site, WordPress makes it easy to do so… unlike other competing CMS players in the space (you know who you are!)

Parting Note:

Whether you’re a new drug and alcohol rehab center looking to develop a site for your brand or an established behavioral treatment center seeking a major upgrade to antiquated design, do yourself a favor and only consider WordPress for your needs. You will thank us — guaranteed.

P.S. Please note WordPress websites also offer HIPAA compliance options whereas other CMS platforms do not. ;)


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