Mental illness is an issue that affects one in five adults in the United States every year with one in 25 experiencing serious mental illness. It goes without saying that these people need help…your help.

Direct Your Marketing at Potential Patients

If you’re operating center for mental health services, people need to be able to find you when they’re most in need. People will often look to online resources such as search engines and social media platforms to help guide them in sourcing help. This type of behavior is the very reason your practice needs to focus on patient acquisition online vs. any other marketing venues.

There Are So Many Strategic Avenues

Digital marketing in today’s world where everyone is constantly on the go requires strategic and aggressive marketing tactics to ensure your brand is amplified to all points of the web. These tactics include Google My Business, Organic SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, Retargeting and Display, Geofencing, and Email Marketing via ‘drip’ campaigns, etc. Each one of these marketing channels are proven to drive traffic and conversions when executed properly.

The challenge for most mental health facilities is they don’t know where to start or how to roll out an effective marketing strategy. This is where a company like Lead to Recovery comes into the picture and provides strategy and execution to bring to fresh leads and potential new patients month after month and year after year.

What Sets Our Digital Agency Apart?

Here at our digital marketing agency, we have a proven track record of providing addiction treatment centers and mental health professionals with best-in-class digital marketing that is purpose-driven and rolled out for clients providing quantifiable results in both the short- and long-term so they can realize ROI quickly from their marketing dollars.

We Are a Team of Digital Experts

If you’re operating a mental health care facility and not convinced your center is maximizing its marketing resources and realizing returns from your marketing dollars, give our marketing agency a call for a free, no-obligation consultation and audit of your current digital marketing.

If we find your digital marketing is in good condition and doesn’t need anything, we’ll tell you. If we uncover shortcomings or severe deficits in your marketing campaign, we’ll tell you what they are and (of course) how we can help.


If your census isn’t at 100% fill out the form below. We’ll architect a custom strategy to get you there ASAP.

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We have worked with LTR for 5 years. Lead to Recovery has been very responsive and effective for us. They have done an incredible job of helping us optimize our site so that people who are searching can find the information they need. With LTR’s help, our traffic has increased dramatically from 3,000 to well over 30,000 monthly visitors and we anticipate over 3 million visitors to our site this year. Our Google traffic has increased by 4,440%! We couldn’t be more pleased with the job Lead to Recovery has done to improve our site.