Faster LegitScript Review for Treatment CentersAddiction treatment centers who have had to go through the long and arduous process of getting addiction treatment centers LegitScript certified in order to run ads on platforms such as Google and Facebook don’t need to be reminded of the many months it took to finally get accepted or rejected by LegitScipt. It appears, however, the many months of patiently awaiting approval have improved quite a bit since LegitScript first started rolling out its drug and alcohol rehab certification program back in mid-2018.

Historically, when LegitScript first started offering certification for addiction treatment centers, they had a massive backlog of centers who opted-in for certification which took up to six months from the date of submission until centers received notice of acceptance or rejection. Patience was certainly a demanded virtue during this time.

Wait Time is Now Much Less for Approving Treatment Center PPC

Fast forward to now, we’ve been hearing from clients and potential clients that have recently gone through the certification process that LegitScript has been notifying them of certification status in a matter of weeks, not months! This is great news and it appears LegitScript has finally drilled through its backlog of centers seeking certification.

Our Advertising Agency Team is Keeping a Positive Outlook

Our treatment center marketing team is pumped LegitScript appears to have caught up with certification requests which has quickened the pace of their review process. This will be incredibly beneficial to new centers who are looking to market via Google Ads and Facebook Ads and we anticipate the same will apply to already-certified rehab centers needing annual renewal. Let’s hope this trend continues.


Reviewed by:

Matthew Travers
Rehab Marketing Expert

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