If you’ve done a broad-based Google search for drug or addiction treatment, you’ve likely seen several directory sites that have earned prominent placement on search engines for keyword phrases such as “drug rehab”, “alcohol rehab”, etc. Most of these rehab-specific directories offer both free listing submissions and advertising opportunities via “sponsored” placement on their sites.

Fair warning. Be prepared for sticker shock on some of these directory sites if you intend on sponsoring your center’s position at the top of their results. The cost typically depends on location, categories and the number of competing sponsors within each category, but range from under $100 per month to several thousand dollars per month

Here are some addiction treatment directories worth evaluating:

  • Rehabs.com (owned by American Addiction Centers; allows for free and sponsored listings)
  • PsychologyToday.com
  • AddictionResource.com
  • AddictionCenter.com
  • SAMHSA.gov 
  • FreeRehabCenters.org (free treatment facilities only)
  • RecovHub.com (a new directory with very little search engine visibility when this guide was written)

In the case of Rehabs.com which dominates search results based on a TON of SEO for drug and alcohol treatment-related keyword phrases, be ready to schedule a meeting with your CFO to request additional ad spend to afford sponsored listings on their site — especially for competitive markets such as Florida and California. Rehabs.com doesn’t appear to have rates available online, but from what we’ve heard from clients that have looked into sponsorships, they vary greatly and can cost upward of several thousand dollars per month. Again, it depends on the locations/markets you’re targeting, the categories you select for inclusion, and the number of competitors going after the same. Inventory and associated sponsorship fees can often be a dynamic variable. Do your own research to see what inventory is available and what it will cost your center for sponsorship.

PsychologyToday.com is another option worth evaluating and may be a better option since they appear to have solid placement in search results for targeted keyword phrases and don’t charge outrageous amounts of money for inclusion in their directory ($49 per month according to their site). We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our clients who have opted in for inclusion at Psychology Today and nearly all of them are getting a handful of calls from their listings on the site each month. 

There are other directory resource sites out there on the web, but we have decided not to include them in this post. When researching the ownership of the sites, we discovered they were owned by large treatment centers and included “call now” and form submission CTAs pointed directly at their treatment facility. This is unfortunately common and made it an easy decision for us to not include them on our list.

Parting Note

Be sure to look at rehab directory options and do your homework to see which directories, if any, will be a good fit for your center based on value proposition and associated costs for available sponsorships. Once again, inventory and associated fee structures can often vary, but understand there is a lot of value in several of them when it comes to online exposure and potential admission inquiries.


Reviewed by:

Matthew Travers
Rehab Marketing Expert

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