Treatment centers in California know their state is one of the most desirable locations in the union. They also know there are thousands of rehab facilities ally vying for the same eyeballs and admits which makes California one of the most competitive markets in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation space. So, how can you make your center stand out from the crowd?

California rehab marketing

In this article, we’ll cover the top 10 drug rehab marketing strategies you should be using to amplify your brand’s presence across the web to absolutely crush your competition to the point of submission. 

Responsive Website Design

First impressions are critical in today’s hyper-mobile world, especially since roughly 50% of all internet activity is taking place on mobile devices. So if you’re building a website for your treatment center, you better make sure it’s mobile-friendly and will give end-users a positive experience when navigating your content. It’s also important to have conversion-focused language on pages as well as strategic placement of Calls-to-Action (CTA) such as “Call Today!”, form submissions, insurance verification CTA’s, etc. so users act regardless of the page they’re viewing when visiting your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO should be the #1 priority for your rehab center in terms of digital marketing. Substance abuse SEO for California centers can be difficult, especially for hyper-competitive markets such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, and it can take many months to see the results from your efforts. When done correctly and in a sustained manner, SEO will produce a steady flow of targeted traffic and admits to your facility indefinitely and at a lower cost-per-acquisition than other marketing avenues.

Google Business Profile (Local SEO)

California rehab centers with OP/IOP, and PHP tracks know a lot of their patients will be coming from within their local market depending on factors such as drive time and work schedule accommodations. The great thing about Optimizing Google Business Profile profiles is it gives rehab centers the ability to show up locally for geo-targeted phrases (think “Los Angeles drug rehab”, “San Diego alcohol treatment”, San Francisco IOP treatment center”, etc.) as well as non-geo-targeted searches such as “outpatient drug rehab”, “alcohol rehab”, and so on. It’s also worth noting that we’ve seen in excess of 60% of new admits for rehab facilities come directly from Google Business Profile when we’ve expertly executed their local SEO strategy.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a preferred path for many treatment centers to write valuable content on all sorts of topics, conditions, and solutions related to their center and store these units on the site itself such as under a blog or nestled in an articles section. What’s great about content marketing is it has endless possibilities in terms of article/blog angles and gives people proactively searching for information the ability to associate your center’s brand as an authority on a subject which can lead to potential admits if they reach out to your facility to inquire about treatment options. Content units should be no less than 750 words in length in order to be competitive.

Optimized Press Releases (PR)

Optimized PR gives addiction centers a competitive edge in marketing their brand online. Not only can PR produce quality backlinks to a center’s site which impacts SEO directly, but PR often leads to new B2B relationships with other treatment centers for patient referrals and leads to follow up interviews and articles, depending on the PR announcements themselves, of course. 

PR is an underutilized tool in marketing California rehab centers based on our research, so act now and get a leg up on your competition!

Pay-Per-Click Marketing PPC

PPC is a great way for a center to “buy their way to the top” of search results and also comes with retargeting and display options the likes of Google and Facebook. But before drug and alcohol rehab centers can run ads on these platforms, they must first be LegitScript certified which can take several weeks to complete the review process and comes with a one-time review fee of $995 and $1,995 per location per year fee on top of that. LegitScript fees may seem high to some centers, but we’ve seen exceptional returns-on-investment from running PPC ads for clients since we can control the budget, keyword targets, matching options, geographic targeting, etc. and only pay for traffic to client sites. 

Please note that if you’re going to play in the PPC space, be ready to open up the wallet a bit since some phrases cost in excess of $70 per click. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media profiles are being frequently daily by millions of people and are important to a holistic marketing strategy. For treatment centers, it’s important for you to keep your profiles regularly updated with videos, images and fresh content. Successful rehab centers know reputation is EVERYTHING and potential patients or loved ones evaluating options often turn to social sites to evaluate the center’s reviews and content prior to making a decision. It’s important to note you need LegitScript certification in order to run ads and boost ads on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to get that process going if you have any hope of your center being found by a broader audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tool used frequently by successful treatment centers across the globe. People are always reaching out to rehab facilities and emails are being exchanged often as a part of the process. The questions that need to be answered and solved are: What are you doing with your email lists? Are you segmenting them? Are you dripping on them immediately after a form submission through your site? Is your email system set up with triggers to periodically email old prospects to keep your brand top of mind? Are you keeping in touch with alumni to alert them to upcoming events? The list goes on. 

Not all people that reach out to centers are immediately ready to commit, so having a sound email marketing strategy in place will help pull in new admissions to your facility which would have never happened if you hadn’t kept in touch with them via email. 

Vertical Directory Submissions

There are a ton of treatment directories available online, but be cautious about where you place your center since a lot of them are built to act as lead aggregators which are them sold to treatment facilities. Here at our addiction treatment marketing agency, we’ve done exhaustive research and have narrowed down to about 5 directories worthy of potentially submitting client sites. For now, we strongly start with paid inclusion for your location via since they typically rank in the top 10 for drug and alcohol-related searches and only cost about $50/month to start for your center to be listed.

Local Directories

Local directories are another source for your center to get listed on to maximize your local exposure. Directories are great for pulling in local traffic to your site and facility and depending on the types and quality of the directories, they can directly impact SEO and local SEO (Google Business Profile.) It’s a bit of a win-win situation.

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