No matter what type of business you own, your customers are at the heart of your success. That’s why it’s so important to respond quickly when a customer has a question or reports a problem with one of your products or services.

Unfortunately, returning phone calls and typing lengthy emails takes up time that could be spent making sales. Website live chat software gives you the best of both worlds — a way to improve customer communication without spending hours gathering customer data and responding to queries.

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Best Website Live Chat Software for Growing a Business

Our live chat software makes it easy to implement live chat without going through a complicated, expensive process. A live chat solution makes it easy to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and provide general customer service, helping you grow your company’s reputation and keep satisfied customers coming back for more. We’ve worked hard to create the best live chat software for every industry, from health care to home services and everything in between, giving you the opportunity to implement a live chat feature without hiring additional employees.

Using a Live Chat Widget to Reduce Labor Costs

Good customer service agents are worth their weight in gold, but not every business has unlimited funds available for recruiting, hiring and training new employees. Setting up website live chat software is a great way to reduce labor costs without ignoring your valued customers. Our live chat tools make it easy to connect with customers without having to place additional job advertisements, spend time interviewing candidates and train new employees to provide customer service according to your company’s policies and procedures.

Best of all, our live chat solutions make it easy to build your brand as the chat widget is completely customized to match your website’s color scheme and overall design. We also customize the chat responses our live chat agents will use to communicate with your customer base.

Website Live Chat Features

Our live chat software solutions have English and Spanish responses, making it easy to serve a bilingual audience. We also used skill-based chat routing to assign chats. With skill-based routing, each chat is assigned to an agent who has the right combination of knowledge and skills to resolve the issue. For complex issues, you can even transfer a live chat directly to your phone, increasing customer engagement. Our customer service chat software also has these basic features:

  • Predefined scripts to reduce customer wait times
  • Canned responses based on your business hours
  • Google Maps integration
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Detailed reports to guide your business decisions
  • Integration with Infusionsoft and Salesforce
  • Unlimited chat history/unlimited chats
  • Customizable live chat widgets and chat window
  • Video chat options and chat notifications
  • Pure chat branding
  • Ability to manage support tickets/support requests
  • Other tools to grow your business

Turning Your Website Into a 24/7 Sales Machine

In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, live chat services also help small business owners increase their sales conversion rates, boosting revenue and making it easier to grow a profitable business. Instead of spending time following up with leads who have no intention of becoming paying customers, your employees will be able to focus on making sales.

Live chat support is especially helpful if you have limited business hours and don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to connect with customers who may be visiting your website early in the morning or late at night. If you serve a global audience, 24/7 live chats are even more important, as customers in other time zones may need to ask questions when your team is out of the office. With our customer support software, it’s possible to provide the same level of service to every person who visits your website, whether they live in Baltimore or Barcelona.

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With our live chat support software, it’s possible to do the following:

  • Improve customer relationships
  • Make a great impression on prospects and customers from around the world
  • Reduce the number of phone calls your employees have to handle
  • Increase your return on investment for marketing spending
  • Connect with potential customers in real time instead of hours or days later
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Use Cases for Our Live Chat Platform

Businesses in any industry can benefit from using our chat tools to manage leads and provide excellent service to current customers. Here are a few examples of how our live chat app can be used to save time and increase efficiency.

Health Care

If you work in the health care industry, you know how important it is to have someone available to connect with new patients even when your practice is closed for the day. We have experience helping medical practices, dental offices, hospitals and other businesses in the health care field.


You can’t keep your law office open 24/7, but many potential clients don’t start looking for representation until they get home from work at night or have free time on the weekends. Our live agents can connect with these potential clients and provide them with additional information about your firm.

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Marketing Firms

As a marketer, you know leads are the lifeblood of your business. Our agents can connect with potential clients interested in SEO, content creation and other marketing services, giving your team more time to engage in revenue-generating activities.

Home Service Providers

We have a great live chat tool to help home service providers grow their businesses. Our support agents can have chat conversations with people interested in carpentry, roofing, plumbing and other services, keeping your pipeline full of qualified leads.

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Boost Customer Satisfaction Today

Every website visitor represents a chance to add someone new to your roster of paying clients. Lead to Recovery is one of the best live chat software providers in the industry as we know exactly how to qualify leads and deliver excellent service via our conversational relationship platform. To learn more about our live chat support apps and find out how they can help you grow your business, contact our support team today.

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We have worked with LTR for 5 years. Lead to Recovery has been very responsive and effective for us. They have done an incredible job of helping us optimize our site so that people who are searching can find the information they need. With LTR’s help, our traffic has increased dramatically from 3,000 to well over 30,000 monthly visitors and we anticipate over 3 million visitors to our site this year. Our Google traffic has increased by 4,440%! We couldn’t be more pleased with the job Lead to Recovery has done to improve our site.