Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Facility

CLIENT:  Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Facility
INDUSTRY:  Healthcare
CAMPAIGN:  SEOContent OptimizationSocial MediaSite Maintenance, and Conversion Rate Optimization.
STRATEGY:Deploy best-practice SEO, content marketing strategy, site maintenance, and conversion optimization tactics across the site to increase leads and admissions to this effective, compassionate rehabilitation service.

Background & Execution

The client is a reputable rehabilitation facility for those plagued with alcohol and drug dependency issues. Due to the search landscape, however, the facility itself was plagued by inferior competing facilities brandishing superior online marketing tactics. The company looked to LTR to help regain ground and to present an online marketing strategy as refined and polished as its treatment options.

After a thorough site and analytics review, LTR presented a strategy of SEO, Social Media, CRO, and ongoing site maintenance. Our initial audit indicated that strategically, our best methodology would be to begin content and SEO processes immediately while studying the user habits and developing a CRO strategy for a second phase.


  • Increase traffic from multiple channels

  • Improve organic search visibility for key industry terms

  • Increase conversion rates for multiple touch-­‐point conversions, including online chat, insurance form submissions, and inbound phone calls

  • Ensure the site was current and operating correctly at all times

Growth in Organic Traffic

Within the content realm, the key to this client’s growth was the regular communication we provide, in which we discuss everything from concepts to art to themes to keyword research. The result of these regular, in-­‐depth conversations is that very quickly, we knew what content to build from scratch and what existing content could be used and optimized.

Using this methodology, new and newly-­‐optimized content began to rank far better for query terms that are highly used by prospective patients and their families. As a result, year to date versus the prior year, organic search is the highest-­‐growing channel on the site, showing 210% growth, which means that compared to last year, organic traffic has tripled:

growth in organic traffic
Addiction Recovery Case Study 1

Conversion Rates

More than doubling organic traffic is one thing. But what happens when more than twice as many visitors convert at more than twice the original rate? Value per visit more than quadruples.

Here’s an example of the dramatic growth of leads generated by the additive growth of SEO coupled with CRO: During Q3 of the most recent year, we experienced the following growth in traffic and conversion rates for telephone calls using dedicated campaign telephone technology:

Addiction Recovery Case Study 2
Organic traffic grew
Conversion rate for phone calls

Combine these two massive growth figures and we see growth in raw calls at a factor of five times when compared to the preceding year. Further, the per-lead insurance query value averaged 50% higher in 2017 than in the prior year.

Relentless Documentation

In addition to the techniques and tactics we employ for this client, we’re unfailing in our commitment to documenting our processes. With every optimization, A/B test, form edit, or external algorithm change, we make sure that we keep track of our work within the analytics interface itself so that clients and internal team members can measure the effectiveness of each action. Clients appreciate the sort of transparency that avoids the “black box” approach that many agencies use toward vague site changes and dumbfounded reaction to algorithm updates.

Addiction Recovery Case Study 3

It’s Time

You’re already spending money to drive traffic to your site, but is it allocated and focused to affect the right numbers? If you’re not convinced your traffic and conversion rates are performing at the levels they need to be, don’t waste another minute. Contact Lead to Recovery to see how we can help maximize your marketing dollars for the long term.

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