Project Description

CLIENT: Private / Luxury Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

INDUSTRY: Healthcare/Addiction Recovery

CAMPAIGN TYPE: Design and Migration, SEO, Social Media, Paid Search, Conversion Rate Optimization, Site Maintenance

STRATEGY: Deploy best-practice SEO, design/migration/maintenance, social media outreach, and conversion optimization tactics across the site to increase interest in this private, luxury rehabilitation and treatment center.


The client in this case study came to us with four main goals:

  1. Differentiate itself from disreputable rehab facilities
  2. Improve organic search visibility for key industry terms
  3. Monitor and improve conversion rates for several different conversions that represent different locations in the experience funnel while reducing cost per acquisition
  4. Ensure a premium site experience that reflects its addiction recovery methodologies

Our client is a private and luxurious facility helping individuals detoxify and engage in intense addiction recovery and therapy services. Due to a recent spate of flashy but low-quality facilities surfacing in response to increased national exposure to drug dependency, this client needed to “up its game” in digital marketing and begin a campaign that mirrored its excellent patient results.

This organization engaged LTR to create a strategy of SEO, Social Media, Conversion Rate Optimization, Design, and Site Maintenance. We began with design integrated with SEO while we baselined existing conversions and planned for new conversion methods.

Growth in Organic Traffic:

When we look at the first 16 months of the organic campaign compared to the most recent 16 months, the growth is significant. Month over month on average, we’ve experienced a 35% growth:

35% growth is excellent enough in a span as long as 32 months, but consider this: The growth in organic traffic was only the beginning of the real business growth of the client. This same time period saw the site improve in paid, display, and direct traffic as well.

Overall, the total growth in site traffic during this phase was 109%, meaning that it more than doubled from the first 16 months to the second 16 months of our care and supervision.

Conversion Rates:

With 18 months of conversion implementation under our belt, our constant prioritization of optimizing the conversion process has paid huge dividends. When we look at the past nine months compared to the first nine, the numbers tell the tale:

  • Conversions in aggregate are up 75%
  • Conversion rate for all goals is up more than 57%
  • Funnel abandonment dropped in aggregate by 30%

Blend a growth in traffic with a growth in conversion rate and an expansion of the types of conversions we’re measuring, and the result is a four-fold increase (or over 300% improvement) in goal-based value in the last nine months.

More Conversions, and More Types of Conversions

The great thing about converting users is that we’re not limited to converting only the increased users that we bring in via our marketing tactics. In other words, while SEO was the primary vehicle through which we increased our client’s traffic, our work in building, documenting, and optimizing conversions benefits every user of the site – regardless of how they arrived a the site.

This was especially helpful when we integrated an onsite click-to-call feature and gradually optimized it over time. What began as a rate just under 5% is now consistently in the 9-10% range for all site visitors. Combine this with the fact that a phone call is several levels deeper into the decision funnel than a contact form, and you have one of the most effective conversion tactics in the industry.

Understanding Conversions Means Understanding People

Digging into conversion data is more than just reporting a single column on a spreadsheet. We know this industry and its prospective clients more and more every day. We know, for example, that one in five conversions won’t occur on the first visit, so we know the power of multi-channel reach and remarketing. We also know that while the vast majority of even two- or three-touch conversions occur in a single day, there’s a resurgence of interest between three and four weeks after first touch, and this is one of the most effective points at which to earn visitor trust. This type of in-depth analysis and understanding isn’t an add-on. It’s at the core of every conversion rate-focused campaign we take on.


Thorough, Consistent Records of Achievement

One of the things we’re most proud of at Lead to Recovery is our transparency. Clients share horror stories of past agencies that took control of the site, were mysterious about their tactics, and had little to show for large monthly retainers. In contrast, we’re proud to document every little change we make to the site (as well as the point at which algorithms take place) because it helps prove our value and can teach everyone on the client team – from intern to CEO – the impact of best-practice digital marketing for addiction treatment centers.

We Are Eager to Help You Begin

If you’re going to spend money marketing your site, make sure it’s allocated to the right tactics, message, and audience. We know this space and know how to achieve verifiable ROI for businesses like yours. If you’re not convinced your site is performing at the levels it should, don’t waste another minute. Contact Lead to Recovery to see how we can help optimize your marketing spend for the long term. Call us today at 855-876-7238.