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Over 50% of Americans start their day by checking their email. You can tap into this tendency to improve online marketing campaigns for your addiction treatment facility. Launching an addiction treatment email marketing campaign can help you reach potential clients when they’re most prepared to embark on their addiction recovery journey.

Building an Email List for Addiction Treatment Marketing

When strategizing outreach for those seeking addiction treatment via email marketing, you can tap into these three key areas to build your emailing list:

  • Alumni network: People who’ve received services at your addiction treatment center are vital to your drug rehab marketing strategy. Use word-of-mouth marketing for advertising your facility’s proficiency in treating clients.

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Encourage former patients to share your rehab facility’s web pages and social media posts with people interested in getting quality care for substance use disorder.

  • Strategic referrals: Use the network you’ve built throughout your drug addiction treatment center’s history to add subscribers to your email list. Referrals from trusted professionals in the healthcare industry, including those from other treatment facilities, can be a good marketing channel for your facility.
  • Online interest: Effective search engine optimization and content creation on your website and social media platforms can generate more email subscribers. You can also add pay-per-click advertising, Google Ads and paid advertisements on other search engines to your marketing budget to expand your online reach.

Segmenting Your Lists for Your Addiction Treatment Email Marketing

Segmenting your contact list is part of good addiction treatment email marketing efforts for drug rehab centers. The process makes it easy to create quality content for a target audience that needs it.

Divide the addresses on your email list according to subscribers’ interests and characteristics. For example, create separate lists for people seeking addiction treatment for themselves and those who want to support loved ones in rehab centers.

Relevant questions in your email capture forms can automate the segmenting process and create more accurate subscriber segments.

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Email Outreach as a Lead-Generation Tool

The content marketing team at Lead to Recovery can help you create the best marketing strategies for your rehab center. We have a proven track record of helping recovery centers in the addiction treatment industry stay on top of digital marketing trends by:

  1. Leveraging contact list segments as a sales funnel to generate leads who can become potential patients for your drug rehab center.
  2. Using email interactions to track subscribers’ interests, shifting them to different segments as their preferences change.
  3. Curating content for each segment that provides general information to people casually researching drug rehabilitation while giving professional recommendations on rehab centers to those ready to seek treatment for drug abuse actively.

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Whether you provide one-on-one counseling in a private practice or group therapy in a residential facility, marketing is essential to your success. After all, you can’t attract new clients if people don’t know about everything you have to offer. If you’re struggling with few to no leads and don’t know how you’ll grow your business, it’s time to ramp up your marketing efforts.

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