Social Media Marketing has proven itself to provide additional admits to rehab centers, but social requires strategic messaging and advertising to truly be effective.

Unlike the days of old where you could simply provide basic social profile updates on the regular and advertise to the masses the likes of Facebook and Instagram to get traction and a handful of admits with ease, it’s not so simple in today’s world of social.

Today’s social media marketing requires a unique approach to content creation that will resonate with your target audience and if you have any hope of getting your message out to the masses, you will first need to be LegitScript certified in order to do any advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re trying to promote your rehab center, and are unfamiliar with LegitScript, get ready to practice patience like never before.


Because Facebook and Instagram require all advertisers on their networks to be vetted by a third party called LegitScript and this process can take anywhere from 2-6 months from the date of submission until your center has been accepted or rejected. You read that correctly. It could take up to six months to start advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

The good news is if you have an established center and have an active audience, there’s still potential for you to gain traction in the social space without having LegitScript verification in place. However, if you’re a newer center to the scene, you’ll find it difficult to gain new likes and followers from organic social posting which will force you to go through the LegitScript vetting process to start getting your brand and its message out to a broader audience.

Look. Social media for the addiction treatment space needs to be authentic. It needs to invoke feelings and emotions. It needs to convey why your center is the place for individuals or their loved ones to consider as the destination to get them back on track to sobriety.

The bottom line, we have the experience and know what works when promoting rehab treatment centers in social media. Don’t take all of the burdens in attempting to manage it all by yourself. Put that burden on our addiction treatment marketing experts and we’ll make it work for you like never before.