Rehab email marketing is far from a new concept and we’re shocked when we speak with centers that don’t even bother with email at all. So much missed opportunity…

Addiction treatment email marketing typically falls into one of three categories:

  • Inbound Leads

  • Strategic Outreach

  • Alumni Outreach

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Chances are you’re already getting emails from people seeking treatment for themselves or loved ones from all types of inbound sources including inbound calls, contact us form submissions, insurance verification form submissions, business card exchanges, etc., but what are you doing to keep in regular contact with them once you’ve received their email addresses?

Are you sending out timely email “drips” to leads that didn’t precipitate new admits last week, last month, or even in the last quarter? Are you segmenting your email addresses to send out highly targeted emails with relevant information that would resonate with your segmented audiences? 

If you’re not convinced you’re leveraging your email lists, let Lead to Recovery help your treatment center segment, create, and disseminate valuable email content that will pull potential patients and partners back into the admissions and referral funnels.


When you’re operating a rehab center, you can only get so far with emailing old leads and other digital marketing patient acquisition options the likes of search and social to shore up interest in your services. This is where strategic email outreach comes into play.

Strategic outreach comes in many forms but are all focused on the same end goal: patient referrals. Successful treatment centers oftentimes do email outreach to current and potential partners as a means of shoring up interest in their services and timing is everything when it comes to this type of marketing. 

Potential referral partners usually include:

  • Other treatment centers

  • Hospitals

  • Therapists

  • Law firms

  • Courts

Strategic outreach via email marketing is incredibly valuable and is a gold mine when conducted properly, so let Lead to Recovery help your center maximize your strategic outreach to get your facility more heads in beds and prayers in chairs.


Depositphotos 282335092 xl 2015People that go into rehab and come out successfully are your rehab center’s biggest advocates and we believe these advocates are oftentimes ignored once they’ve gone through treatment and achieved sobriety. Ignoring these patients and brand ambassadors after they’ve completed rehab should never happen. Ever.

At Lead to Recovery, we help treatment centers segment their alumni email lists for strategic and timely outreach based on numerous initiatives such as alumni gatherings/events and potential patient referrals. After all, people know people, so it only makes sense to keep in regular contact with them to keep your brand top of mind with your alumni. 

If you’re not doing email marketing for your rehab center, you’re missing out and missing out in a big way. Contact Lead to Recovery today for a free consultation and let’s discuss an addiction treatment email marketing strategy best suited to match your needs and target audience.