Are you operating a treatment center and looking to add an additional 2-5+ admits per month from creating valuable and conversion-focused content online? It may seem like a rhetorical question, but it’s one we’re compelled to ask.  

Why? Because here at Lead to Recovery, we have a proven track record of doing just that.

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Content marketing isn’t a new concept in the digital advertising world, especially when it comes to addiction treatment marketing a rehab center and its services through organic search and social. The challenge, however, is creating a content development strategy the RIGHT way.

Here at Lead to Recovery, we take the guesswork out of advertising treatment centers online from our years of experience in the rehab vertical and from the hundreds of pieces of web pages and blog posts we’ve written for addiction treatment centers.

Lead to Recovery’s 5 step addiction treatment content marketing process starts with ideation, through execution to reporting and performance analysis.

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1. Keyword Research

A content development process should always be led by first conducting exhaustive keyword research to understand which phrases are being searched for proactively and how often people are searching for them on a monthly average. This is our foundational principle.

My Business, social profile inclusion the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, PR news sites, vertical directories, 3rd party blogs, etc.)

2. User Intent

Once keyword research has been completed and we’re fully aware of the keyword phrase opportunities we should consider as candidates, it’s at this point we need to ask ourselves (and our clients) a simple question for each keyword we’re considering for our content marketing strategy: “is this phrase the type of phrase that will convert into an admit?” User intent is critical, so targeting the best words and phrases that will lead to conversion is paramount to targeting the types of phrases that will ultimately convert.

3. Strategic Calls-to-Action Injection

We’re not a rehab ad agency known for making the mistake of overlooking the importance of conversion rate SEO when conducting a strategic marketing plan for our clients. All too often, this piece of the puzzle is overlooked by other agencies and marketers in general. So, before anything is created and sent out into the wild, it’s imperative that the pages will live on have the appropriate calls-to-action (CTA’s) in place. Typical CTA’s for drug and alcohol rehab facilities often include items such as LiveChat, an Insurance Verification form button/option, a short form, and prominently placed phone number mentions strategically placed throughout the copy. 

4. Content Creation & Dissemination

Once we’ve determined the best keyword phrases and have a CTA plan in place, it’s at this point we build out a content creation calendar and begin the process of building new web pages and blog posts which is then followed by disseminating the writing material to all points of the web (cross-promoting them to Google Business Profile, social profile inclusion the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, PR news sites, vertical directories, 3rd party blogs, etc.)

5. Analytics & Performance Review

Once the online advertising strategy is rolled out and is getting picked up, we need to make sure it’s working as efficiently as it should. This is why Lead to Recovery takes the time to review analytics and overall performance of our content marketing efforts to make sure our clients are gleaning the types of results we expect to see from our efforts and make adjustments accordingly. 

If you are operating an addiction treatment facility and not convinced your content strategy is providing the ROI you desire, contact Lead to Recovery at 855-876-7238 today and let us show you the returns you’ve been seeking!