Rehab centers that specialize in outpatient rehab need digital marketing just as much as centers that offer a full continuum of services that include detox, intensive outpatient rehab, residential and sober living homes.

Outpatient rehab centers needs are a bit different, however. Since outpatient rehab pulls in admits for people seeking help with alcohol and drug rehabilitation locally (typically), it’s imperative to have a strong local presence in search results.

Lead to Recovery’s (LTR) agency philosophy for rehab centers strictly focused on outpatient heavily skews toward local SEO. We approach these types of campaigns by first looking at your local competition (think Google Maps, Bing Local, etc.), and seeing what’s working to their benefit from a local profile standpoint. Happening concurrently, we’ll also do exhaustive keyword research and conduct a comprehensive site audit of your center’s site as well as evaluating your competitor’s sites — all of which occurs in the first month of a campaign with LTR.

Once we’ve gone through our proven set of activities in month one, we now have a thorough understanding of what needs to be fixed on your center’s site as well as how your site can better compete in organic search based on competitor insights. It’s at this point we go through the process of optimizing your local profiles (we can set them up and optimize them if they don’t already exist), write code and content recommendations based on keyword phrases that lend themselves as high conversion potential, and continuously build quality backlinks to your site to amplify your site’s presence in both local and organic search in the markets you’re looking to target.

The end result is the deployment of SEO techniques that will provide your center with additional admits month after month with the goal of achieving a high level of ROI, unlike anything you’ve seen before. After all, that’s what it’s all about — additional admits and a quantifiable return-on-investment.

We know there are other agencies and digital marketing companies that claim to be vertical specialists in marketing Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient services, but all we do is addiction treatment marketing and we are the only agency in this space to have a 100% client satisfaction rate.

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