If you’re operating a luxury rehab center, you already know your target audience is going to do exhaustive research and a heavily scrutinized vetting process before they put themselves or a loved one in your center for rehabilitation. And unlike other drug and alcohol rehab centers who are fixated on acquisition of “insured” patients, those seeking luxury options aren’t as concerned about insurance benefits to cover the cost of rehab since they’ll be more inclined to pay for treatment out of pocket. 

Strategize With Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Marketing

Due to the nature of your business and your target audience who are wealthier individuals and typically well-educated, how can you make your center stand out from the rest of the luxury addiction treatment facilities vying for their attention?

The most successful luxury rehab facilities typically begin by seeking the help of an addiction treatment marketing agency to build a beautiful website filled with clean imagery, masterfully created “facility” and “about us”-type videos, as well as strong differentiating luxury qualities and services they provide such as personal trainers, low patient headcount at any given time, yoga classes, excursions such as yachting and other water sports, personal chef and meals, religious considerations, etc. The list goes on.

Having a pristine site built by a rehab website design team that’s filled with the above ingredients is only half the battle. You’ll still need potential admits to find your site in the first place. This is where Lead to Recovery comes into play. 

Here at Lead to Recovery, we understand the luxury addiction treatment vertical better than any other addiction marketing company out there. We’ve helped treatment centers achieve amazing results from marketing their luxury center websites online. 

Here are just a few examples of what we’ve accomplished for other luxury addiction treatment facilities:

  • Responsive website design with images and videos that saw a 30% increase in traffic and a commensurate increase in conversions within 30 days of launching the site

  • Consistent top five and top ten rankings for phrases such as “luxury drug rehab”, “luxury alcohol rehab”, “luxury addiction treatment”, “luxury Florida rehab”, etc. via organic search engine optimization and Google Business Profile optimization

  • Increase in impressions and targeted traffic while also decreasing cost-per-click fees via Google Ads and Facebook Advertising (requires LegitScript certification)

  • Leveraging opt-in email lists from inbound leads for setting up and executing “drip” email campaigns to shore up additional admissions of those who never committed initially when they originally contacted the center

  • Continuous improvement of user experience and conversion rate potential by conducting iterative website redesign and sustained conversion rate SEO for rehab centers; which we’ve seen increase conversion rates by an additional 5% beyond baseline while reducing bounce rates on client sites.

Grow Your Business With a Full Range of Advertising Services

If you’re operating a luxury addiction treatment center and are not convinced you’re maximizing your digital marketing efforts, contact the experts at Lead to Recovery today for a free consultation on luxury drug and alcohol rehab marketing and let’s see if there’s a fit.