It seems like yesterday, SEO’s rejoiced at the magical moment they discovered press release writing and links to websites were a “silver bullet” to increasing their site’s organic rankings on Google. Those days came and went many years ago…or did they?

Hand writing Optimized Press Releases, business concept

Most marketers in today’s world seem to have forgotten about the importance of online press and how press releases can amplify a brand to hundreds of relevant sites and news outlets via press release distribution channels the likes of and PR Newswire.

The reality of optimized PR is it affords rehab centers the ability to make all kinds of announcements/PR angles to a large and broad audience of readers who would otherwise not familiarize themselves with your brand.

Several types of news-worthy angles might consist of:

  • [center’s name] Announces a New Location Opening up in [city and/or state]
  • [center’s name] Announces New MAT Offering at its [city and/or state] Location
  • [center’s name] is Pleased to Announce Its New Addiction Treatment Website
  • [center’s name] Just Opened up its 2nd Location in Ohio
  • [center’s name] is Now LegitScript Certified
  • [center’s name] Was Recently Named The #1 Rehab Center in Florida by [credit source]
  • The list goes on and on…

What’s unique about optimized PR is that it has a multiplier effect unlike other digital marketing initiatives including:

  • Each PR affords your treatment facility the ability to link back to specific pages on your site which directly impacts SEO
  • When done on a regular basis, often leads to natural inbound links to your site by people finding PRs and doing a follow-up piece, blog post, or mention of your center and linking back to it from their sites
  • Creation of additional traffic channels to the site from people finding and clicking on your site’s link in PRs from sites syndicating your Press Releases from around the web
  • Optimized PRs typically Show up at the top of “News” search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and DuckDuckGo
  • If properly optimized, press releases can rank organically in natural search results for a wide array of keyword phrases mentioned in each

Since PR is far-reaching in terms of exposure and SEO impact value, when architected and executed properly, it can provide a 5x return on your investment*.

*5x return from PRs is not a one-to-one comparison and requires an active, and fully integrated digital marketing campaign in order to realize its maximum impact. Optimized PR as a standalone will work, but won’t work to its fullest potential without tying it directly to other digital marketing strategies such as search, social mentions and social ads, email marketing and retargeting.

Have Our Team Market Your Rehab Through Optimized Press Releases

There are reasons drug and alcohol recovery centers don’t do press releases anymore and we think it’s great! Why? Because if you pursue a sound PR strategy online and tie it directly back to your other digital marketing initiatives, it will equal nothing less than a fully integrated campaign that will one-up your competition and produce more admits.

If you need assistance with writing, optimizing, and syndicating press releases for your treatment center, please call 855-876-7238 for a free consultation and let’s see if there’s a fit.