LegitScript addiction therapist certification is nothing new to rehab treatment centers desiring to run pay-per-click ads on the major search engines and social media platforms. After all, it’s been a requirement since 2018 starting with Google then followed by Facebook/Instagram with Bing coming in last in adopting this vetting service for letting “legitimate” drug and alcohol treatment center advertisers run ads on their platforms.

LegitScript: addiction therapist certification

What is new is something individual drug and alcohol treatment professionals have been awaiting which is the ability for individual practitioners to get certification. Yes. The day has now come where individual substance abuse treatment practitioners can now go through a vetting process in order to get LegitScript certified to run ads on the major search and social networks.

Unlike treatment centers who often have large facilities and a healthy marketing budget to achieve census, single practitioners who offer their addiction treatment services on a smaller scale simply weren’t given a viable and cost-effective option until LegitScript made the announcement June 1st, 2020.

If you’re a one-person addiction treatment professional and are looking to get LegitScript certified, don’t worry, you won’t be paying the same high price points that standard centers currently pay (one time review of $1,495 + $2,875/year/location for up to 9 unique locations.) For individuals seeking certification, the fee structure is significantly lower coming in at a one-time review fee of $495 (non-refundable) + $995/year to remain certified.

If you’re a center or a single addiction treatment practitioner and are looking for additional information on LegitScript, please visit their site to learn more. If you’re ready to start the process, simply click here to set up a LegitScript account to get the ball rolling.

Parting Note:

If you think LegitScript is a cost prohibitive option, feel free to move on and focus your efforts on organic SEO and/or standard marketing methods. We would be remiss, however, if we didn’t clearly state that EVERY single one of our clients have seen solid returns from running ads on the major search engines and social platforms. Every. Single. One. That’s simply a track record that can’t be ignored and one indicative of worthwhile pursuit for others in the addiction treatment space.