The United States is currently facing a massive addiction problem. To meet this need, more and more rehabilitation centers are opening throughout the country. If you already run a drug rehabilitation center, this means more competition for you. It also means that if you want to have your treatment center consistently running at full capacity, then you need a steady flow of clients.

To maintain that steady flow, you need drug rehab marketing strategies that top those of your competitors. If you’re a small facility, one of your biggest challenges will be how to compete with large, national treatment centers. When you’re looking for ways to increase admissions to your rehab center, you have to consider your target audience first: substance users and family members who wish to help them. Below are some of the several target strategies you can use.

Strategies for Drug Treatment Advertising

You may not have the capital to pay for TV commercials, but one surefire way to get yourself in the public eye is via the internet.

The following strategies will help you develop a strong internet presence and make the most of it:

Develop a content-rich website with search engine optimization: If you want to make sure that you’re your information is getting to the right people at the right time, then your web content needs to be search engine optimized.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a process which improves a website’s search engine ranking. What this means is that with effective SEO, your website will appear high in the search results in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As part of your drug rehab marketing strategy, SEO can boost your website traffic, increase the use of your contact forms and phone calls, and it can make this happen quickly and cost-effectively.

Why waste money on untargeted advertising when you can reach out to your specific audience? Bear in mind, however, that SEO practices are complex and are frequently updated. For these reasons, it pays to have a professional help you optimize your site and to maintain its high search engine ranking.

Create a strong social media presence: Social media is one of the most popular means of communication today. You can use it to help your business by creating a strong presence, but use your social media channels wisely. Don’t just use social media to promote updated information on your website.

As well as spreading your overall message, you can also use social media as a means of reaching out to people in recovery and to provide tips to help them maintain their sobriety.

Publish a blog with regular updates: Don’t just use your blog to tout your services. Use it to offer valuable insights to people who are thinking of trying drug rehabilitation or for those who are currently in recovery. You can use your SEO practices in your blogs as well as regular web pages. If you’re struggling for ideas, think about the information that parents or loved ones might want to find out, such as how family members can help a loved one with recovery, or how to handle a relapse.

Make use of client testimonials: When people are searching for help with drug addiction, they want to be sure that the staff at their chosen rehab center can help them recover from the addiction and get better. This is why it’s very important to promote your success stories.

When visitors reach your website, they will most likely be looking for some testimonials from past clients. Make sure that you put them in a place where they can be easily found. Testimonials from recovered clients can help potential clients trust your service and make a decision.

Make Use of Third Party Sites: One of the most undervalued strategies for marketing a drug rehabilitation center is by promoting your facility on third-party review sites. When a third party gives your facility a good review, it is immediately seen as more legitimate and trustworthy.

Reach out to past clients or people who are currently going through your rehabilitation program. Both positive and negative reviews can help give you publicity, as long as you respond to the negative reviews in a professional manner. Research shows that for more than 50 percent of people looking for drug rehabilitation treatment for themselves or for a loved one, reading reviews posted on a third party website is an important part of the selection process.

Keep a track on your web presence: Reputation management is key to any business, but perhaps even more so when it comes to drug rehab marketing. You need to know when and where people are saying positive things about your rehab center, and also when and where their comments are negative.

An easy way to track this is by setting up a Google alert for the name of your rehab center. Once you have done this, you will receive an email alert each time the center is mentioned online. It will save you doing repeated daily searches. If you come across a negative comment, contact the person individually and try to work through the problem and resolve any issues. This will leave a positive impression for anyone else who may come across the review.

Consult a professional: You have enough responsibilities running your rehab center without trying to take on the whole process of marketing your company. Consult a marketing agency and let them do the work for you. It’s well worth the money because it will free up your time and you can be sure that your web presence will look professional, will inspire trust, and will lead to more admissions.

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